Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sewing related kind of ;)

           Okay so this is not completely sewing related but this is what I am listening to at the moment.I find it completely relaxing to put on some music  and sew. The first video though I was actually looking for some good dance music and ran across it.The second video I ran across and absolutely fell in love with the message. Even though neither of these came from sewing it got me to thinking, why I like to sew besides
making nice things to wear. It's partially because it is relaxing. Well at least right up until the time you put it on and can clearly see all the mistakes you made. But its nice to put on some music and drink tea while cutting
out your pattern, marking etc. Then sitting down to sew. So I ask you what do you like about sewing besides
making something to wear? and what do you listen too if anything while sewing?


  1. I generally go to one of 2 pandora stations, depending on my mood. The first is "new age piano solo" - more in line with your first choice. The second is "stevie wonder radio' - great Motown mix when I'm looking for a more energy. As for your second video - love that!

    1. Thanks Laura,
      Great sewers think alike :. Your two stations sounds fun.Motown ..I would never get any sewing done. I would be too busy dancing and singing.