Saturday, May 30, 2015


So...The no new pattern challenge has been going very well.I'm surprised at how easy it has been to stop buying patterns. I do brows the new releases from time to time though and I in fact have gotten some new patterns but they were all gifted :). If your in the challenge how is it going? Harder/easier than expected?

NEW BUYS  ________________________________________________________________________________
I did get some new things from Joanns.
 A sewing basket and a pin chushion. Both at 50% off with an additional 20% off coupon.You cannot beat the deal.The pincushion has a tape measure in the back.


My best friend made my necklace and bracelet. 



  1. So, I just stumbled across your blog via the no-new-patterns challenge (which I stumbled across via a delightful list of sewing challenges - some people are so organised!).

    And WOW! This dress is gorgeous! The colour suits you so well, and your accessories work so well with it. And I'm so sorry, but I have to ask (and I don't mean to be crude), but how do you hold those girls up? I'm busting out of a G-cup, and as much as I love this look I struggle to find a strapless to suit. Do you have any grand advice? I'm tempted to have a crack at making one...but that's a lot of civil engineering for a cool and breezy summer frock.

    1. Hello Liz,
      Sorry to respond so late :(. Thank you for the compliments. To be honest I wish I had some good advice, but the girls hold up pretty well on their own.I just make sure when its a design like the one above that it is sturdy and a bit smaller in the bust with some give-that seems to keep everything in place. Have you thought about adding bra-cups your strapless dresses? Are you on they have some amazing ladies/gents who sew that could possibly offer more indepth advice. Thanks again for checking out the blog!