Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY:Maxi with elasticized shoulders + waist.

McCalls 6744 

 Pattern Description:
I used version c.Which was the mock wrap dress with elasticized waist and shoulder seams.

                                                                    Pattern Sizing:

                         What did you particularly like of dislike about this pattern?
                     I loved the look of the elasticized waist and shoulder area. It added great detail to the dress.

 Fabric used?
An ITY knit from you can get a similar version here. ITY-KNIT
It is not the same color but the same pattern. This material was super easy to work with. I also used a jersey needle. Worked superb.

Pattern alterations or any changes you decided to make?
                                                                              The bust was way too big. I didn't realize how big it was until I had the dress pretty much completed. Instead of taking the dress a loose and cutting off the access fabric from the waist portion.I cut off the access fabric by the shoulder seams. It  did tighten up the dress but it through the shoulder sleeves off really badly.I took off about 6 inches to get the fit.

 Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Not this version. A-because I do not think it was flattering on me. I am unsure if it was the fabric choice or the style. B. Because the split to me is very off putting. This is definitely a dress that will require some shorts too be worn under it. In the pictures I am wearing pants underneath, just in case the wind decided to blow.

Questions taken from

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY T-Shirt/ Work Outfit of the month

 This was the back of the shirt which after I cut I used as the front.


 1. Take the shirt you
want to use. Lay it on a table evenly.
2. Cut the bottom portion off right by the hemmed edges.Or to your desired length.
3.Put the shirt on and using the front, stand in front of a mirror, cut the front section to your desired off the shoulder length.
4.Lay the shirt back down and cut out the back portion,matching the front.
 I decided to use a shirt that was slightly loose so that it would have a very lazy feel to it.
5.Smooth out (Cut )any jagged edges  making the cut seem even.
 If those directions seem to be  too much you could put on the shirt and with a pen draw the  section on the shirt you would like to cut off.
 2.Lay it flat and cut it out.
3.If you do use this method,I recommend cutting smaller sections first and trying it on.
I did not hem the altered area's.


The dress is from Gabriel brothers. I am not a huge fan of the high-low and I was not a huge fan of this dress, but I think I made it work. I love the black belt as it gives my waist more definition. To make the outfit look a little more casual I opted for some wedged boots instead of some heels.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dress Alteration into Maxi Skirt

This was the dress that I started with. I got it from someone and it was way to big so I made a maxi skirt out of it. I simply cut off the top,removed 2 section of the skirt and add elastic to the waist.

 Only 4 seams and elastic-who could beat that deal!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

DIY:Mid Calf length Skirt

Simplicity 2314  
Material used is cotton. View C
The plaid turned out to not be super hard to match up, and since this was my first time working with plaids I feel I did an awesome job.I had to  adjust the waistband due to swayback- I made 4 darts which were barely visible, and covered them with the belt loops. I made a size 18.Which was a little to big I took in all sides and made a soft gather around  to make it fit. I added width to the waistband-I'm not sure how much I added as I just cut a certain width and went with it. I cut off a bit to hem it. The skirts was mid calf length.
I'm not sure If I would make it again. I have an apple body type and I don't feel like this type of skirt  is flattering . I also seemed to take a long time to make.  
Matching stripes (hunches shoulders)!!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY M6504 + Pattern Review, Cleveland Fashion Week

This is what I decided to wear to Glam Jam Cleveland Fashion Week.
M6504 made out of Cotton. I adore the color and the way it looks.

I enjoyed sewing this piece. It has so many pieces that fitting should be a little easier. After all a perfect fit is what we are after :). The instructions were easy to follow 
To make the dress more tailored I made adjustments to the  under bust area and the back. I wanted the indent under the bust to show case a shapely waist line. I love the silhouette and the fish tail, especially the length of the fish tail and the look it gives.. I am not a huge fan of high and low but after making this dress I decided to give the style a second chance. The fabric is 100% cotton. I will probably be making this again in a different color.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


         So My birthday is tomorrow which I also consider my new year. Shout out to all the Taurus's and Fire Rabbits. It's amazing how fast time goes by.How you look back at all the things you did or did not achieve with happiness or regret. Entering upon my birthday I had all these goals I wanted to have fulfilled, an idea of a person I wanted to be ,That I AM NOT. Material things I wanted to posses and many other life goals. My mind has been on an emotional roller coaster this year, filled with insecurities and fears I had not dealt or rather badly dealt with and I have to reign it back in.I am rather tired of wanting, wanting to be something, wanting to own something, wanting to improve something .On my birthday I simply want to be content and to love myself.So today before my new year I am happy to simply exist. I have wonderful friends,a loving family and I am healthy. Therefore I am grateful, I love myself that is the my mantra and mindset I will take into my new year. Through all my insecurites, fears and defeats. I love myself Joyeux anniversaire a moi.

Happy Sewing...And Happy Birthday To Moi!!!! XOXO

Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY:Knee Length Kimono Sleeved Dress

Simplicity 6120
 I would not make this dress again. I am not fond of the silhouette it creates, much too loose for my taste. I added the pockets which for some reason  threw off the hemline.It took me multiple attempts to fix the hem.I I used a polyester something ..from joann fabrics.??? I adore the sash though. This would be an awesome dress if it were more form fitting with the kimono sleeves,sash and a zipper. Due to it being elastic it is much looser to allow for dressing, undressing. If you do not add the pockets this will be an easy project. If you decide to add them expect to work on the garment for sometime.

Neck Line

              BackVersion- Pictured Above

Pockets and Hemline -Pictured Above

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Winners, Fearless February goals

The winners of the pattern giveaway are Danielle S2311 and The Hojnacks S2556. I only ask that you please let m know when you receieve your patterns. Congratulations!!!!!!

My fearless February goals are the completion of Simplicity 6120 and 2588.

If you are subscribed and would like me to subscribe to your blog please leave a comment.Also there will be another pattern giveaway for sure in March (Vogue) and possibly another one this month. I have an excess of pattern...

and thanks for participating in the giveaway.