Friday, August 18, 2017

Butterick 6326

This was a rather simple make. When I saw the pattern I already had the fabric picked out :) A stretch denim, which I had in my stash but due to it being only 2 yards had yet to use. I started with the size 16, then went down to a size 12. Did a swayback adjustment as well as pegging the hem 2 inches on each side. I did not top-stitch, I added an invisible zipper in the side seam and I shortened the hem.
I think this is a very nice pattern to have, as this can be made in so many different colors and fabrics.
I definitely plan on making a couple of more, I think a stretch red denim would be perfect, as well as a pinstripe.

And of course, I could not leave you without photo's of my flock members

Ciao Bunny!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Simplicity 2588 Still Procrastinating And Necklace

I love this fabric and after making a skirt with it  I only had a bit left. It's an african print, so I was deciding what to do with it exactly and if I could  squeeze the remaining bit into an item. Thus                                                          
                                Simplicity 2588 -Almost came to life..Almost!

First was the bodice, which I was excited about it. Am still actually. I wanted to highlight the yellow and  blue so I decided to add a self drafted yellow circle skirt, and change a bit of the bodice.

The yellow was nice and with the right petticoat would have made this a perfect 1950's dress but I felt a bit Disney princess, so I added blue netting on top of the skirt and swapped out the upper part of the bodice.... debated, procrastinated and debated 2 months later and 20 pounds lighter I can't fit the garment. I may pull it out and alter the fitting to complete but I'm still uncertain about where I want this outfit to go....I really like the yellow!!

*********************My Completed African Print Necklace*************************

Simplicity 8386

What I'm working on.....

I am using a ponte knit-roma? for one of these(RED) and a more stretchy knit(PINK) for the other. When I saw this pattern I was all in, after I made a mock up though I didn't really like it, it made my bust look huge, I had gaping and swayback issues...HMN

I love 1950's clothing so decided to draft a sweetheart neckline to make this a classic piece. That at least gave the bust a more appealing visual. 7 attempts later here I am, satisfied and ready to complete.

The pink -above photo- was one of my attempts at a sweetheart neckline and it didn't work out so well,back to the drawing board I went.

(******Off Topic Kind Of*****On another mock-up of this, in a more stretchy fabric (PINK) I made a size 12 and it fit pretty decent, the swayback adjustment was still needed. I attribute the fit to the different levels of stretch in each knit. I was still a little surprised though by how much I had to size down to get a decent fit on both.

Now I'm contemplating on how to finish the bodice(RED) , I'm thinking I will omit the bias binding and elastic and just use a facing. I would really like to use the binding and elastic but do not want the stitching to show. Decisions, Decisions.

List of Alterations:
Sweet heart neckline
1 inch sway back adjustement
1 Inch armhole gape adjustment-(It took me a second to realize that the gaping was from the difference in the upper bust and full bust. )
Add 1/2 seam allowance to the neckline and hem
 I started with a size 20 and went down to the size 16 
Shortened the sleeves both width and length-add 1/2 seams allowance to match up 

So much work for such a simple top geez! 

AND.....Introducing Zambique, the newest edition to the flock

AND of course I cannot leave you without photo's of Zulu


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Moi Zulu

Le Monde, let me introduce you to Zulu my sun conure. You will be seeing a lot more of him so stay tuned!!!

 He was probably plotting to bite my ears again. Ear biting is his favorite past time.
Hair preening time!

McCalls, New Look, Retro Rosie's

Mc Calls 6471:
This was a rather simple make, The only alterations I made were to add a slit under the flounce, and peg the hem. Definitely something that can be made in a day!!!

New Look 6246:
These pants are extra comfy and I love the casualness of them

The Gloves, The Glasses The pearls....The shoes. I love my vintage clothes..Yes I do!!
The retro jumpsuit is from Retro Rosie's the makers are  Vodoo Vixen. Given the style the jumpsuit screams 1940's and every darling should own a pair of white gloves and cat eye glasses.

Side note: I was taking some of these photo at Pat Catans, And.......Surprise they had just got in some really nice fabrics.