Thursday, July 6, 2017

McCalls, New Look, Retro Rosie's

Mc Calls 6471:
This was a rather simple make, The only alterations I made were to add a slit under the flounce, and peg the hem. Definitely something that can be made in a day!!!

New Look 6246:
These pants are extra comfy and I love the casualness of them

The Gloves, The Glasses The pearls....The shoes. I love my vintage clothes..Yes I do!!
The retro jumpsuit is from Retro Rosie's the makers are  Vodoo Vixen. Given the style the jumpsuit screams 1940's and every darling should own a pair of white gloves and cat eye glasses.

Side note: I was taking some of these photo at Pat Catans, And.......Surprise they had just got in some really nice fabrics.

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