Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY:Knee Length Kimono Sleeved Dress

Simplicity 6120
 I would not make this dress again. I am not fond of the silhouette it creates, much too loose for my taste. I added the pockets which for some reason  threw off the hemline.It took me multiple attempts to fix the hem.I I used a polyester something ..from joann fabrics.??? I adore the sash though. This would be an awesome dress if it were more form fitting with the kimono sleeves,sash and a zipper. Due to it being elastic it is much looser to allow for dressing, undressing. If you do not add the pockets this will be an easy project. If you decide to add them expect to work on the garment for sometime.

Neck Line

              BackVersion- Pictured Above

Pockets and Hemline -Pictured Above