Tuesday, April 30, 2013


         So My birthday is tomorrow which I also consider my new year. Shout out to all the Taurus's and Fire Rabbits. It's amazing how fast time goes by.How you look back at all the things you did or did not achieve with happiness or regret. Entering upon my birthday I had all these goals I wanted to have fulfilled, an idea of a person I wanted to be ,That I AM NOT. Material things I wanted to posses and many other life goals. My mind has been on an emotional roller coaster this year, filled with insecurities and fears I had not dealt or rather badly dealt with and I have to reign it back in.I am rather tired of wanting, wanting to be something, wanting to own something, wanting to improve something .On my birthday I simply want to be content and to love myself.So today before my new year I am happy to simply exist. I have wonderful friends,a loving family and I am healthy. Therefore I am grateful, I love myself that is the my mantra and mindset I will take into my new year. Through all my insecurites, fears and defeats. I love myself Joyeux anniversaire a moi.

Happy Sewing...And Happy Birthday To Moi!!!! XOXO