Thursday, July 6, 2017

Moi Zulu

Le Monde, let me introduce you to Zulu my sun conure. You will be seeing a lot more of him so stay tuned!!!

 He was probably plotting to bite my ears again. Ear biting is his favorite past time.
Hair preening time!

McCalls, New Look, Retro Rosie's

Mc Calls 6471:
This was a rather simple make, The only alterations I made were to add a slit under the flounce, and peg the hem. Definitely something that can be made in a day!!!

New Look 6246:
These pants are extra comfy and I love the casualness of them

The Gloves, The Glasses The pearls....The shoes. I love my vintage clothes..Yes I do!!
The retro jumpsuit is from Retro Rosie's the makers are  Vodoo Vixen. Given the style the jumpsuit screams 1940's and every darling should own a pair of white gloves and cat eye glasses.

Side note: I was taking some of these photo at Pat Catans, And.......Surprise they had just got in some really nice fabrics.