Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dress Alteration into Maxi Skirt

This was the dress that I started with. I got it from someone and it was way to big so I made a maxi skirt out of it. I simply cut off the top,removed 2 section of the skirt and add elastic to the waist.

 Only 4 seams and elastic-who could beat that deal!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

DIY:Mid Calf length Skirt

Simplicity 2314  
Material used is cotton. View C
The plaid turned out to not be super hard to match up, and since this was my first time working with plaids I feel I did an awesome job.I had to  adjust the waistband due to swayback- I made 4 darts which were barely visible, and covered them with the belt loops. I made a size 18.Which was a little to big I took in all sides and made a soft gather around  to make it fit. I added width to the waistband-I'm not sure how much I added as I just cut a certain width and went with it. I cut off a bit to hem it. The skirts was mid calf length.
I'm not sure If I would make it again. I have an apple body type and I don't feel like this type of skirt  is flattering . I also seemed to take a long time to make.  
Matching stripes (hunches shoulders)!!