Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Vintage Practice Drafting

       First and Foremost I am in love with these sun glasses below, Perfect for  50's styling.
       I am beyond tempted to buy another pair in a different color. Secondly be sure to buckle up!!

Okay, so here we are with another vintage practice make. It was pretty hard matching these pinks.
I wanted to test out the look before making it in my full size, because I was unsure of how the pinks would match up.. I drafted a circle skirt and off the shoulder top. The skirt has a pink tulle petticoat underneath. I was actually very pleased with the overall look and the ease with which the stripes lined up. Be on the look out for the full version in which I am using Simplicty 8386 for the top and Simplicity 8458 from my pick nine!

                                                                       Ah and of course.


                         À bientôt


Friday, February 9, 2018

Drafting Et Draping

So in preparation for the make nine challenge. I have made the Haslam system #31 Dress with cape. I made it on my half size dress form to work out all the kinks. My Pattern drafting instructor helped me with the collar draft. I did not follow the books instruction instead I was instructed to look at the line drawings and replicate the design from there. It went pretty easy!! I forwent the binding that gives the dress that tiered affect, but may install once the piece is made up in real size. Now...Fabric Hunt!!


I was practicing draping on my half size form and  I really like the bodice portion, so have decided to make it up in full size as well. I am planning on changing the skirt portion. And of course my flock.

À bientôt

Monday, January 8, 2018

#2018 Make Nine

                           In honour of the new year I have decided to join a challenge.

                                                                  #2018 Make Nine
I have decided to dedicate all of my make nine makes to vintage/retro styles.
 I have decided to originally draft and design 1 of the 9  vintage makes.
While I am still dreaming them up, here is a list of ready made patterns that is on my Make Nine list.
Haslam Book #31,Dress with Cape

Simplicity 1459Simplicity 8458
Butterick 6055
Butterick 6582


                                                                À bientôt


Friday, August 18, 2017

Butterick 6326

This was a rather simple make. When I saw the pattern I already had the fabric picked out :) A stretch denim, which I had in my stash but due to it being only 2 yards had yet to use. I started with the size 16, then went down to a size 12. Did a swayback adjustment as well as pegging the hem 2 inches on each side. I did not top-stitch, I added an invisible zipper in the side seam and I shortened the hem.
I think this is a very nice pattern to have, as this can be made in so many different colors and fabrics.
I definitely plan on making a couple of more, I think a stretch red denim would be perfect, as well as a pinstripe.

And of course, I could not leave you without photo's of my flock members

Ciao Bunny!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Simplicity 2588 Still Procrastinating And Necklace

I love this fabric and after making a skirt with it  I only had a bit left. It's an african print, so I was deciding what to do with it exactly and if I could  squeeze the remaining bit into an item. Thus                                                          
                                Simplicity 2588 -Almost came to life..Almost!

First was the bodice, which I was excited about it. Am still actually. I wanted to highlight the yellow and  blue so I decided to add a self drafted yellow circle skirt, and change a bit of the bodice.

The yellow was nice and with the right petticoat would have made this a perfect 1950's dress but I felt a bit Disney princess, so I added blue netting on top of the skirt and swapped out the upper part of the bodice.... debated, procrastinated and debated 2 months later and 20 pounds lighter I can't fit the garment. I may pull it out and alter the fitting to complete but I'm still uncertain about where I want this outfit to go....I really like the yellow!!

*********************My Completed African Print Necklace*************************

Simplicity 8386

What I'm working on.....

I am using a ponte knit-roma? for one of these(RED) and a more stretchy knit(PINK) for the other. When I saw this pattern I was all in, after I made a mock up though I didn't really like it, it made my bust look huge, I had gaping and swayback issues...HMN

I love 1950's clothing so decided to draft a sweetheart neckline to make this a classic piece. That at least gave the bust a more appealing visual. 7 attempts later here I am, satisfied and ready to complete.

The pink -above photo- was one of my attempts at a sweetheart neckline and it didn't work out so well,back to the drawing board I went.

(******Off Topic Kind Of*****On another mock-up of this, in a more stretchy fabric (PINK) I made a size 12 and it fit pretty decent, the swayback adjustment was still needed. I attribute the fit to the different levels of stretch in each knit. I was still a little surprised though by how much I had to size down to get a decent fit on both.

Now I'm contemplating on how to finish the bodice(RED) , I'm thinking I will omit the bias binding and elastic and just use a facing. I would really like to use the binding and elastic but do not want the stitching to show. Decisions, Decisions.

List of Alterations:
Sweet heart neckline
1 inch sway back adjustement
1 Inch armhole gape adjustment-(It took me a second to realize that the gaping was from the difference in the upper bust and full bust. )
Add 1/2 seam allowance to the neckline and hem
 I started with a size 20 and went down to the size 16 
Shortened the sleeves both width and length-add 1/2 seams allowance to match up 

So much work for such a simple top geez! 

AND.....Introducing Zambique, the newest edition to the flock

AND of course I cannot leave you without photo's of Zulu