Thursday, July 6, 2017

Moi Zulu

Le Monde, let me introduce you to Zulu my sun conure. You will be seeing a lot more of him so stay tuned!!!

 He was probably plotting to bite my ears again. Ear biting is his favorite past time.
Hair preening time!

McCalls, New Look, Retro Rosie's

Mc Calls 6471:
This was a rather simple make, The only alterations I made were to add a slit under the flounce, and peg the hem. Definitely something that can be made in a day!!!

New Look 6246:
These pants are extra comfy and I love the casualness of them

The Gloves, The Glasses The pearls....The shoes. I love my vintage clothes..Yes I do!!
The retro jumpsuit is from Retro Rosie's the makers are  Vodoo Vixen. Given the style the jumpsuit screams 1930's -1950's and every darling should own a pair of white gloves and cat eye glasses.

Side note: I was taking some of these photo at Pat Catans, And.......Surprise they had just got in some really nice fabrics.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

McCall6757, Vogue 8984 Et Simlicity 1346

First up: Vogue 8984,
This was a super easy make. Both of these are made with ankara print, I added the slit in the front. The purple was made for my mother on mothers day(View B).The yellow (View A) Extremely easy make, I would remake this using a knit. I made the final yellow version slit a tad bit bigger

Skirt Made using Mccalls 6757

The skirt on the other hand was a bit tricky. I made the McCalls 6757 for me bottom left above and my lovely cousin who I promised some of  the dreamy fabric below too.For starters-the pencil skirt fit like a straight skirt and was too big for us both. I pegged the skirt first and then corrected for the size-which next time I would correct the sizing then complete the pegging as the skirt came out tulip shaped and had to be corrected. I added side slits to both skirts as I put the fabrics on the fold. Next time I would have kept the back slit. :)


Simplicity below 1346:
This was an easy make but its short super short, and hits at the widest part of the abdomen, which is very unflattering. With that being said, I do wear this and would remake it-longer, with a belt and belt loops and without the one layer of tulle as it ripped right away on the skirt below.


      Out of pure curiosity about how the two would look together, I combined them on the dress form and.. When you put the Simplicity high-low and Mccalls pencil skirt together you get a wonderful combination :) I should have made them together for one skirt.



Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sign Up for the 2016 No New Pattern Challenge

And so the challenge begins again....February 2016

Contest Rules:
               The participant cannot buy any new patterns for themselves throughout the entire year.They must use patterns already in their stash. I think this will be a difficult and exciting challenge, looking at new pattern on the website, then watching them go OOP :/.

            I started this challenge because I have over 400 patterns in my stash currently. I went through them and realized most had similar designs with minor different details here and there. I also definitely did not come close to making even 1 of 1/3 of the garments. I'm left with tons of unused patterns and am accumulating more.Also let's face it pattern buying can add up and there are only so many ways to make certain garments.This challenge should help  to break up the monotony of our pattern obsession.

             If you are like me please join along. This challenge is to help us bring out our creativity and resourcefulness, during this time you can franken-pattern,or learn pattern drafting, or simply save up the money to buy fabric or patterns in 2017 ;) I am curious to see what everyone can create without adding a single new pattern to the stash,including myself.

Again for this challenge I would like to include all patterns not just the ones from the big four.
Patterns: Digital or Hard Copy
Pattern Based Magazines--Burda etc
Pattern Based Books: Gerties etc

Exemptions: Because of course there has to be some.
If you are in a sewing class and have to purchase a specific pattern.
If you are enrolled in classes like Craftsy -most of the patterns are included with the class etc
If you sew for others and have to pick up patterns for them.
You can borrow a friends pattern :)
If you had a 2 year subscription to one of the sewing magazines and it happens to roll into 2015.

Now introducing the 6 months challenge as well!!!! Same rules apply!

If you are joining please sign up below and leave your blog address or website so we can stay updated on the challenge. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015


So...The no new pattern challenge has been going very well.I'm surprised at how easy it has been to stop buying patterns. I do brows the new releases from time to time though and I in fact have gotten some new patterns but they were all gifted :). If your in the challenge how is it going? Harder/easier than expected?

NEW BUYS  ________________________________________________________________________________
I did get some new things from Joanns.
 A sewing basket and a pin chushion. Both at 50% off with an additional 20% off coupon.You cannot beat the deal.The pincushion has a tape measure in the back.


My best friend made my necklace and bracelet.