Saturday, August 12, 2017

Simplicity 2588 Still Procrastinating And Necklace

I love this fabric and after making a skirt with it  I only had a bit left. It's an african print, so I was deciding what to do with it exactly and if I could  squeeze the remaining bit into an item. Thus                                                          
                                Simplicity 2588 -Almost came to life..Almost!

First was the bodice, which I was excited about it. Am still actually. I wanted to highlight the yellow and  blue so I decided to add a self drafted yellow circle skirt, and change a bit of the bodice.

The yellow was nice and with the right petticoat would have made this a perfect 1950's dress but I felt a bit Disney princess, so I added blue netting on top of the skirt and swapped out the upper part of the bodice.... debated, procrastinated and debated 2 months later and 20 pounds lighter I can't fit the garment. I may pull it out and alter the fitting to complete but I'm still uncertain about where I want this outfit to go....I really like the yellow!!

*********************My Completed African Print Necklace*************************

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