"There is not a one of us who sews who does not long for some gimmick, some gadget, some sure-fire formula for successful fitting.  Alas, there is none! Fitting is an art and part of an art-that of creating beautiful clothes.  As with other arts, it takes time, thought and practice.  Any complex subject becomes understandable through study.  That’s about the best one can offer by way of an “easy” solution of fitting problems.  If you know how and where a garment should fit, that’s half the battle.  If you know what to do about it when it doesn’t, that’s the other half.  Armed with this information, every sewer can learn to be a good fitter".
-Adele Pollock Margolis; November 1967
"We shouldn't be copying what we see. We should try to find our own sense of style, to believe in ourselves"-Donatella Versace

     This blog chronicles my journey in learning to sew, My name is Lillian C. I always wanted to learn to sew so I took classes at Joann fabrics. 2 pair of pajama pants later... got me no-where. In the Fall of 2011 I took a sewing class at Virginia Marti, but did no seriously come into sewing until I spent one summer sewing with a retired seamstress in 2012. I then went to learn with a sewing instructor who also owns a fabric store in 2013.  I am completely obsessed with sewing, my goals as of right now 2017 is to get better at fitting aka the perfect fit and pattern drafting.My influences are retro, and african inspired, you will find a mixture on this blog.

      I enjoy looking at blogs and website from fellow sewers, and fashion designers. I adore the supportive community and invite everyone to embark upon the PERFECT FIT journey with me.
 If fashion is architecture, then sewing by default must be the very foundation that the architecture is built on. I am gladly learning to lay the foundation.

                                                    SEW IT UP AND ROCK IT OUT!

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