Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY -BSM Fur Collar

               I kind of like the little faux fur piece that Burda put out in its November 2013 issue.. There were no patterns involved.Measurements were given and the fabric was cut according to them.  This is an excellent piece if you have never worked with faux fur before. Very quick to make. The only thing about pieces like this one is the allotted arm movement is minimal. I put my jacket on over this an it was pretty warm. I did not line mine as I probably should, it would have cut down on the shedding.Be sure to clean your machine very well after working with this fabric.
Would I make it again, if I needed a very decorative low key piece, I would get it in a more stand out color. Other than that no I have not worn it since the day I made it.

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