Monday, May 11, 2015

DIY: M6955-Happy Mothers Day

I decided to wear McCalls 6955 for mothers day. It is springy and made for a nice dress to wear.

My best friend made me some jewelry for my birthday.So fun to be able to pair it with this dress.


Altered bodice pattern below.
This is what I removed below

I had a little bubble right above the darts so I brought them up some.

I used bias binding and a rolled hem instead of serging. I must say I like the results better. I like this pattern and will make it again . I was actually surprised by this dress because    
1.) I am not a fan of floral prints :/. Which one cannot tell by the amount of floral prints that I have been making lately.2.)I was not a fan of the neckline on the photo drawing. Turns out it is pretty flattering.I am not one that like to make a ton of alterations on a pattern. So now that this is done I will remake it.

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